A 75-year-old man visits his physician to discuss the results of workup due to prolonged pulmonary infection. The results confirm active primary tuberculosis. The patient lives with his son, daughter-in-law and their four children.

Besides isolation and treatment prescribed for this patient, which is the most appropriate  next step of action should be taken for other family members?

A-Begin full treatment of tuberculosis for all family members

B-Do PPD test on all family members

C-Obtain complete blood test on all family members

D-Obtain sputum culture from all family members

E-Obtain x-ray on all family members


The most appropriate action is PPD test on all family members. It will tell you who is exposed to TB. Begin treatment with isoniazid for 9 months on all PPD positive family members. No need for full treatment as a prophylactic. Complete blood test would not show any specific infection. Sputum culture will take a long time to get results and x-ray would probably be negative in exposed family members.

The correct answer is B