What is PrEP?


PrEP stands for a drug used in PreExposure Prophylaxis against HIV infection. Each tablet contains TDF (300 mg) and FTC (200 mg).

PrEP is used in cases of HIV-negative persons who are at increased risk of acquiring HIV infection such as:

1- Those who have sex with HIV-positive partner.

2- Those who have a recent history of bacterial STDs.

3- Those who have a high number of sex partners.

4- Commercial sex workers.

5- Those who have sex with a single partner who has multiple sex partners.

Daily adherence is very important specially in women: 

Cervicovaginal mucosa is the first site of exposure to HIV. Daily adherence is very important to maintain tissue concentration in this area to prevent HIV infection through vaginal tissue. It takes about 3 weeks to reach maximum level at this area to protect against HIV infection.



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