I write these questions with brief answers to provide a quick review after you finish studying pharmacology.  They are not copies of USMLE or other board tests but their concepts are common and repeated on most of these tests.

1- A 24-year-old pharmaceutical company worker develops new symptoms after exposure to MPTP. What is the neurotransmitter affected due to this exposure?

A- Acetylcholine

B- Epinephrine

C- Dopamine


E- Serotonin

2- A 19-year old college student develops photosensitivity after she starts taking a new prescribed antibiotic last week. What is the responsible medication?

A- Penicillin

B- Amoxicillin

C- Gentamicin

D- Isoniazid

E- Tetracycline


1- MPTP exposure leads to symptoms of Parkinson’s disease due to destructive action of this drug to the dopamine neurons in the substantia nigra. The correct answer is C

2- Tetracycline uptake may result in rash on sun-exposed areas which is known as photosensitivity. It is more common in tetracyclines than other antibiotics. The correct answer is E