USMLE Step 1 Highlights (3)


1- A 30 year-old man complains of severe headache for 3 months. It is worse on the mornings and accompanied by nausea and projectile vomiting. His wife noticed changes in his behavior and deterioration of vision and sense of smell.

What is your diagnosis? What is the affected area?

This is a brain tumor suggested by his symptoms of severe headache on the mornings and projectile vomiting. Change in behavior and olfactory and optic nerve compression pointed to the frontal lobe as the most likely area affected by this tumor.

2- A 7 month-old boy develops vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain when his mother attempts weaning him. Laboratory tests confirm a diagnosis of fructose intolerance.

The answer choices are different sugars as glucose, galactose, sucrose, lactose and maltose.

Which of these sugars is contraindicated for this patient?

First of all exclude all monosaccharides such as glucose and galactose. Now, you need to know which are the molecules of each disaccharide. Sucrose contains glucose and fructose. Lactose contains glucose and galactose. Maltose contains two molecules of glucose. Then, the correct answer is sucrose which contains fructose in its structure.

This an easy and common question and you don’t need to miss it.

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